Does Your Worn Out Men's Underwear Belong in a Museum?

Does Your Worn Out Men's Underwear Belong in a Museum?

I was in New York this week looking for new fabrics for baskit but, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, I decided to spend a few hours at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and there on display, believe it or not, was a pair of tighty whities (yep, I took a picture).

Check out the exhibit at this link.

Anyway, it got me thinking… how many guys have underwear that belongs in a museum? Or worse, in the dumpster behind the museum?

Do Men Keep Underwear Too Long?

True story: A recent survey revealed that men hold onto underwear for an average of seven years! It’s a simple fact, most guys hang on to underwear WAY TOO LONG.

Look, I strive to make top quality gear that stands the test of time, but when guys tell me they’re still wearing a pair of Baskit from 8 -10 years ago… well, of course I’m happy but I’m also thinking, “Errr…, it’s time for some new underwear.” 

Not because I’m all about the sale, but because even the best underwear gives up over time. Your boys deserve better.

How Often Should You Buy New Underwear?

There’s no right answer to how often you should buy new underwear. Or when you should throw it out but here are my three R’s for making your underwear drawer the best it can be:

  1. RELAX.

    You don’t need to be fanatical about washing your underwear. Generally, the HOT setting is overkill. Most detergents are optimized for use with warm or cold water and it’s easier on the underwear too.

    Pro Tip: If you smell burned rubber when you pull your underwear out of the dryer—you need to dial it down. The color, elastic and fabric will hold up better if you set the dryer to medium heat.
  2. ROTATE!

    I have a favorite pair of trunks and you’ve probably got some too. There is nothing wrong with that. Just don’t keep reaching for the same pair in your drawer. Rotate in other pairs.

    The more you wash and wear that favorite pair, the faster it wears out. Plus, we’re tired of seeing you in the same pair at home or at the gym. Jeez.

    When you were a kid, your mom probably bought you new underwear by the 10-pack and tossed the old batch. No need to be that extreme. Test drive a few new pairs every couple of months and when you find one that fits your body and makes you feel like a million bucks, get a couple of those.

    Shameless sales plug: we offer custom multipacks and we’ll even give you a discount when you buy 2 or more.

So, go through your drawer and cull the herd. Toss out stuff you’re not wearing or anything that is just past its prime. Life is better in new underwear. It’ll change your whole day.