Your Underwear Pouch Fit Matters More Than You Think It Does

Your Underwear Pouch Fit Matters More Than You Think It Does

When it comes to men and underwear, there are basically three types of men.

  1. The “waistband pull-down” guys
  2. The “fly, if available” fellows
  3. The “through the leg opening” dudes

Yep, it’s really that simple. How you whip it out when nature calls drives a lot of what we think about when we start designing a new collection of baskit underwear. 

And while we’d like to take credit for amazing new designs more often (the JockBrief being Baskit’s only design-original claim to fame!) we must admit that some great underwear designs came along long before us.

So Which Type of Guy are You?

If you’re a Baskit fan you know that most of our collections don’t have a fly. So, by default you’re number 1 and/or 3 above. However, did you know our Utility Collection has a functional fly? Yep, our Utility Collection, first introduced in 2009, always has a fly front. True story… some guys just prefer the ease and comfort of functional fly-front underwear.

Whip it out with Ease

When we started designing out Utility collection we knew we wanted a fly front. So, we spent several months trying to create something new. A new fly-front that would look good and allow for easy access when you need to get in there and take care of business. We built two prototypes and had our team take them out for a “test drive.” 

Sadly, none really worked well. About the same time, I was visiting my then 84yr old grandfather. We got to talking what I was up to at work and when I said I was working with my team to design a new fly-front design he simply said, “Don’t bother. That kangaroo pouch is the best I ever wore.” I immediately knew what he was talking about.

Paging, George D. Munsing… George Munsing, White Courtesy Phone Please!

In 1886 George Munsing started a company in Minnesota that exclusively made underwear. Fun Fact: his company become Munsingwear™ and Original Penguin™ company. In 1891 good old George introduced a new kind of pouch in America, called the “Kangaroo Pouch” and he instantly had a winner.

So, if it was good enough for George and the literally millions of men who have donned the kangaroo pouch since then we figured it would be good enough for you and your best assets.

If you’ve not tried the Kangaroo go on and give it a try. You can still buy George’s original design but perhaps you’d look a bit better in our updated version.