Collection: BodyArt

The designs in our BodyArt collection are never dreamt up on our designer's sketch pad or plucked from a graphics book. No, the inspiration for BodyArt  comes to life as a tattoo born of the blood, sweat and tears shed by the guy who proudly bears it on his skin. 

Our first collection featured the ink of an exiled, most likely ex-Yakuza member, tattooed from head to toe and living out his days in London.

Our current BodyArt collection tells the story of Adam Von Rothfelder, an MMA fighter turned celebrity fitness guru, who transformed his personal tragedies into physical triumphs.

Adam views his ink as a work in progress, highlighting the ebb and flow of his life. Made from 95% premium spun cotton and 5% elastane, BodyArt packs a punch.